Annotated Bibliography: Disabilities, Mental Problems and Aging


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Annotated Bibliography: Disabilities, Mental Problems and Aging
, P. and
, M. (2004). Aging and Intellectual Disabilities. Current Opinion Psychiatry, 17(5).
Retrieved November 21, 2009, from
The article is centered in understanding the aging process of people with intellectual disabilities. Identification of the challenges facing families, clinicians, professionals and service providers are discussed in terms of new forms of care. Caring for an adult with intellectual disabilities is about preparation for long-term care. Special attention must be paid to meet the individual’s needs through old age. Providing services to aging people with intellectual disabilities is partial...
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.....r, Z. (2003). A Memory Clinic for Older People with Intellectual Disabilities. Aging and Mental Health, 7(6).
People with Down Syndrome are included in the discussion of people with intellectual disabilities in the article. The fact that children with Down syndrome live longer into adulthood is creating a demand for advanced medical care for this population.
The changing needs of people with Down syndrome have until recently gone undetected and undervalued. The cognitive decline of an aging adult with Down syndrome includes dementia, Alzheimer’s and other
changes in the brain such as depression. According to the article the investigation of cognitive decline of elder person’s with Down syndrome is practically non-existent.