Annotated Bibliography: Childhood Obesity Crises


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Annotated Bibliography: Childhood Obesity Crises
Budd, G. & Hayman, L. (2008). Addressing the childhood obesity crises. The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing, 33(2), Retrieved November 23, 2009, from
The article states the obvious fact that obesity is a global issue that is an underlying cause of chronic medical conditions such as hypertension, renal failure, diabetes and cardiac failure. The social and physical environment of a child is the first two contributors to childhood obesity. Ethnicity and income are the third and fourth contributors to obesity. The article focuses more on environment, healthy diet and routine exercise as the causes of obesity.
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.....ome populations. Strategies are called for in the article to address the problem of childhood obesity. The article discusses an increase in physical activity, a reduction in sedentary habits such as TV watching and a development of a routine exercise plan as possible strategy topics for community health organizations.
The validity of the article rests on the Third National Health and Nutrition Examinations Survey that states that 97 million adults and the one in five children have been diagnosed as obese in the United States. The article suggests that in three decades the number of children diagnosed as obese in the United States will double. The article restates the social pattern of children who are obese as becoming adults who are obese.