Annotated Bibliography: Application of Roy’s Adaptation Model


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Annotated Bibliography: Application of Roy's Adaptation Model
Cunningham, D.A., (2002). Application of Roy's Adaptation Model When Caring for a Group of Women Coping With Menopause. Journal of Community Health Nursing, 19(1), 49 – 60
The purpose of the article of this article was to describe how Cunningham facilitated a group for women coping with menopause using the Roy’s Model of Adaptation. In this paper, Cunningham uses Roy’s Adaptation Model to assess the level of adaptation in a group of women experiencing changes with menopause and to facilitate the management of the stimuli to promote their adaptation. A number of the concepts described in Roy’s Theory are described in this paper. There are two main concepts in the Roy’s theory the...
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.....Roy theory rather than the conventional organization of a research paper. This organization made it difficult to retrieve information from the paper and the paper a little difficult to follow. The author provided enough background information to illustrate the significance of the issue being investigated. The author was able to apply the Roy’s Adaption Model in the design and implementation of this research paper illustrating it usefulness in adapting to menopause, a physiological change in women. The author illustrated how this theory is relevant to nursing practice and its application in nursing practice research. The importance of the role of nursing interventions to help patients adapt to menopause was also highlighted by this research.