Annie Dillard’s Advice to Young Writers


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Annie Dillard’s Advice to Young Writers
Annie Dillard’s essay, “Introduction: Notes for Young Writers,” isn’t much of an essay at all, but consists of a set of points that give specific advice to people who want to become writers. In these points, Dillard recommends a wide range of practices and beliefs that will help young writers enjoy their own writing, create books and stories that are worth reading, and that will prepare them for the kinds of lives they will probably lead as they grow into their personality as writers. One such suggestion reads, “Don’t describe feelings. The way to a reader’s emotions is, oddly enough, through the senses” (xiii). This piece of advice might seem difficult to follow, since one of the primary goals of...
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.....ds of glasses of water over the course of their lifetime, but if it is described in a way that focuses on the ways in which light reflects and refracts off the surfaces of the glass and water, creating glare and rainbows and sparkle, the reader will likely see such an ordinary object in a new, engaging way.
Dillard’s advice for young writers, to access a reader’s emotions through the senses is important advice that should remain with a young writer over the course of their careers. If a writer focuses on describing the world through each of the senses, it is likely that such lush and focused texts will draw the reader into the text and keep them wanting more. This, it would seem, is the best position for both a writer and a reader to be in.