Anne’s Confession in the Play “Anne Pedersdotter”


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The beginning:
Anne’s Confession in the Play "Anne Pedersdotter"
The play Anne
by H.
deals with the case of Anne
woman accused of witchcraft in the Sixteenth Century. In the final lines of the play Anne confesses to witchcraft. Anne declares, “I murdered you by witchcraft. And I bewitched your son”(
93). The major question that needs to be asked, why did Anne confess to Witchcraft?
Anne has three reasons for confessing to witchcraft. The first reason is that she is feeling guilty for having an affair with Martin the son of her husband
. She also feels guilty for
death. The final reason she confesses is because she was trapped in a loveless marriage and believes that any...
The end:
..... out of her situation. By confessing to witchcraft she has given herself a death sentence. Anyone convicted of witchcraft is going to be executed. By getting herself executed Ann is freeing herself from her misery. When she is dead her suffering will be over. This is important because living would be noting but torture for her. Therefore, confessing to witchcraft she is
avoiding a life of torture.
In conclusion, Anne confesses to witchcraft for two reasons. She confesses because she feels guilty for having an affair and causing the death of her husband. The second reason she confesses is because life is just not worth living for her.
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