Animals do not See the World as we See the World


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Animals do not See the World as we See the World
Animals do not see the world as we see the world and do not experience the same “world” we experience because they lack our cognitive skills, have different needs than humans, and do not have our moral calculus
Doctor Dolittle is a veterinarian who possesses a unique ability to talk to animals in the same way you or I talk to other people. Unfortunately, although movies that stress such communication can be plenty of fun, they are not linked to reality: animals do not see the world as we do and people are wrong to make this assumption. The reasons for this are clear: animals do not think logically as we do; animals have basic needs (food, shelter, the chance to reproduce) but do not have...
The end:
.....d where they see things to eat, things to avoid, and things to fear whereas we see a much more complex tableau.
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