Analyzing the Theme of Death in “The Death of the Poor” and “The Jewels”


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Analyzing the Theme of Death in “The Death of the Poor” and “The Jewels”
This literary study will analyze the theme of death in two poems by Charles Baudelaire. In “The Death of the Poor” Baudelaire describes the metaphorical and symbolic importance of death as a background to life that invigorates and drives human exploration and vitality. This is also a major theme in "The Jewels” as the woman described in the poem is a prime example that erotic sensuality brings through death, as her vanity and image of desire reflect a language of death that invigorates life in the sexuality of Baudelaire’s vision. In essence, the theme of death will be analyzed through the erotically intoxicating language in the vitalization of life that Baudelaire’s...
The end:
.....The sexuality of the Moorish concubine defines the sexual gratification that Baudelaire felt in her intoxicating seduction, revealing the powerful symbolism of the lamp as a part of the erotic connection between procreation and death. Furthermore, “The Death of the Poor” reflects the importance of death in the vitalization of life—as its central driving force in the human condition in its intoxicating symbolism. These are the central factors on the theme of death found in these two poems by Charles Baudelaire.
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