Analyzing the Media


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The beginning:
Analyzing the Media
     The media basically deals with language and, with the broad spectrum of television, with sight and sound as well. But, it is language- the use of words whether subtle (PBS for example) or outright direct (Fox News)- which provides the basis for analysis. The author explains that he wrote this book in order to focus on the texts the media carry. In order to do that Mr. Berger intended to explore the various types of analytic theories. However, while this is obviously a text book for class, somehow the deconstruction of the various theories, that is, discussing a certain program being watched rather than the overall inclusive phrase “watching television” is a little bit like taking apart a butterfly to see why and...
The end: Perhaps, reading between the lines of Chapter Four, the media is trying to (1) group people into various segments (i.e., 18-49 year olds are the most sought-after age group for TV shows and advertisers) or (2) trying to point out that some media moguls and advertising 
 seek to show that readers are “ahead” of the rest of the crowd (i.e., The New Yorker or even Rolling Stone).
     Basically, these first four chapters provide the analysis and critiques whereby language and signs, ideas and positioning, ownership and manipulation all prove to be the foundation of modern media, for good or ill.
Berger, Arthur 
: Media Analysis Techniques Thousand Oaks CA: