Analytical Paper on George Jonas’ “Opposition to Multicultural Policy”


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The beginning:
Analytical Paper on George Jonas’ "Opposition to Multicultural Policy"
Pre-university social science: analytical paper on George Jonas’ opposition to multicultural policy
This paper looks at the chief argument presented by George Jonas – and the secondary arguments that appear to buttress it; in effect, how does Jonas put together his argument in favour of reversing official multiculturalism in Canada? Overall, the main argument of Mr. Jonas is pretty straightforward: multiculturalism has robbed Canada of its past and robbed it of a unifying theme that would draw people into one collective rather than tearing them into different (sometimes warring) groups; this means that, without the aforementioned narrative, groups are free to write in...
The end:
.....w world. In the end, Mr. Jonas’ key sub-arguments are as follows: Canada has allowed itself to be divided up into different fiefdoms for different groups; Canada has allowed its historic culture and its ancient cultural narrative to be thrown away in the pursuit of new-left ideologies and platitudes; Canada has become so
that it threatens its fundamental, western values. In the end, Canada is in a position where its values are being placed on auction in the name of multiculturalism and Mr. Jonas, an immigrant himself who fled communist Hungary as a young person, does not believe that Canada should be entertaining such a policy measure.
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