Analysis/Commentary on the Philosophy of Ayn Rand


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The beginning:
Analysis/Commentary on the Philosophy of Ayn Rand
As one of the most intriguing and thought provoking minds of the 20th century, Ayn Rand’s philosophical views remain highly relevant today. The following discussion examines the virtues of Rand’s objectivism. Subjective commentary is also provided concerning my thoughts on altruism as well as how I feel about pursuing self-interests over the interests of others. The current analysis concludes with comments regarding how I might live more in accord with Rand’s philosophy.
The Virtues of Rand’s Objectivism
The first virtue of Rand’s objectivism is derived from the philosopher’s position that reality is knowable through the senses and logic – namely, inductive and inductive reasoning...
The end:
.....occupation with self-interest would counteract any benefits of self-realization accorded by such a view. Therefore, perhaps the best philosophical prescription for the current writer would involve objectivism guided by altruistic concerns. HoHowHoonakladfsjnfadslkjfsdajklfdaslkjAJADFKJADSF
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