Analysis of Wray and Walker’s “Student Nurses’ Attitudes to Vulnerable Groups”


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Analysis of Wray and Walker's "Student Nurses’ Attitudes to Vulnerable Groups"
Currently, there is increasing poverty, disease, and inequities in access to health care. Social exclusion is related to all these trends so that it is important to learn what student nurses think of marginalized groups. The research question is: how do student nurses today react to the poor, homeless, people with HIV/AIDS, and other groups? The article will be assessed for its ability to reliably answer that question.
The purpose of Wray and Walker’s (2008) study was to explore student nurses attitudes to vulnerable groups before and after they completed a module on social inclusion and exclusion. The most important point about the...
The end:
.....ificant difference (BOOK) that is found regarding people who self-harm and people with physical disabilities is caused by the difference between a wish that people with disabilities might have versus the motivation to self-harm. There need to be grounds for comparison in these values.
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----- Testing for differences between means. ----------------