Analysis of Two Articles About Visible Minorities and Health Outcomes


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Analysis of Two Articles About Visible Minorities and Health Outcomes
Introduction and Overview
Research supports a strong relationship between socioeconomic status, racial or ethnic makeup and life expectancy and health outcomes. The problem in Canada has been identified as “visible minorities” (Quan et al., 2006) where there are facial features that are clearly different from the white majority in Canada. Other countries and researchers call these communities other names, including “racialized” communities of visible minorities.
This paper will examine the relationship between health outcomes and racism in visible minorities utilizing two scholarly articles that research this topic, one from the Canadian Medical Association Journal and...
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.....s, and that the health care system does not do a good job of considering poor Canadians as a whole. She states that
Health disparities between white and racialised groups in Canada are due primarily to the refusal by the Canadian healthcare system to challenge the privileging of Euro-Western ideology and epistemology (p. 261).
Quan, H., Fong, A., DeCoster, C., Wang, J., Musto, R., Noseworthy, T.W., Ghali, W.A. (2006). Variation in health services utilization among ethnic populations. Canadian Medical Association Journal 174(6). Retrieved from,
Waldron, I. G. (2010). The impact of inequality on health in Canada: a multi-dimensional framework. Diversity in Health & Care, 7(4), 261-270.