Analysis of the First Solar (FSLR) Company


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Analysis of the First Solar (FSLR) Company
Part 1 – Research Approach to Strategic Plan
First Solar (FSLR) is a publicly traded company, having issued its IPO through NASDAQ in 2006, and it has a worldwide presence. The stated mission is “To create enduring value by enabling a world powered by clean, affordable solar energy” (“First Solar Overview”).
First Solar’s value statement includes “creating value-driven renewable energy solutions that protect and enhance the environment” (First Solar Overview). The company’s vision statement, which characterizes First Solar as a manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) solar modules and as a provider of energy solutions through solar technology, is as follows: “By enabling clean, renewable electricity at...
The end:
The third step is to define who the company’s suppliers are and what the distribution channels are in each location. Along with this step, it is necessary to look at the optimal supply and production schedule to check for additional weaknesses and threats that should be addressed.
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