Analysis of “The Fairly Odd Parents”, “The Recess” and “SpongeBob Square Pants”


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A Developmental Children’s Television Program Analysis of The Fairly Odd Parents, The Recess, and SpongeBob Square Pants
The Fairly Odd Parents:
This animated TV show is based on an elementary school boy of ten years old named Timmy. The intent of this program is to define how Timmy adapts to the harsh and abusive environment in which he lives in the town of Dimmsdale. Timmy’s often absent parents often leave him with his cruel babysitter, Vicky, which forces him to find ways in which he can escape her constant nagging and emotional abuse in this environment. Without his parents being home, Timmy finds that since there is no real parental authority, he must find a way to be nurtured and find emotional support. The one unique characteristic...
The end:
.....their own fantasy world, TJ represents an advanced abstraction of the school world in which they interact. Not only are the children aware of the authority figures at Third Street School, they are inventive and creative enough to create their own hierarchy of social strata. This show is successful because it allows children to be creative and imagine their own independent identities within a social group and/or organization. This type of secret or imaginary society is one way in which Recess provides a dynamic way for children to respect each other’s individual identities (whether it be racial, social, or economic), but that it also implies how children can experiment and imagine their own worlds outside of scholastic or parental authority.