Analysis of “The Botheration Scheme”


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Analysis of “The Botheration Scheme”
Joseph Howe asks a question about whether Nova Scotia should be handled over to the Canadians in “The Botheration Scheme”. He asks, “Before deciding to hand over the Canadians the patronage and revenues of Nova Scotia, let us enquire whether there is anything in our present condition to compel us to make this transfer” (Howe, 1865, par. 1). A close study of the article by Howe should focus on the audience intended, the impact of the article, biases of Howe, responsible government, and how this article is a primary source about Nova Scotia and Canada.
The “The Botheration Scheme” appeared in Halifax Morning Chronicle on January 11, 1865. This editorial was written by Joseph Howe who speaks out about his...
The end:
..... should ask is “why should anything be done” and what exactly needs to be done. Too often people do not question their political leaders and too often do people take the time to ask important questions about political action.
The article, “The Botheration Scheme” is a primary source that shows the feelings of a Novascotian who believed that it was not in the best interest of Nova Scotia to annex with Canada. The benefit that Howe received was to have more people read his newspaper and to become a politician as he sought the best interest of Nova Scotia.
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