Analysis of Stocks and Investment Portfolios


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Analysis of Stocks and Investment Portfolios
Executive Summary
This research aims to track a variety of stocks and investment portfolios over a period of four weeks in order to analyze portfolio choices and track stock and bond developments. It tracks two S&P/TSX Composite companies, ARC Energy Trust and Barrick Gold Corporation as a way to better diversify its holdings with individual corporations that are known to be on the rise. Additionally, it tracks the returns of two larger funds as a way to tap into funds that have strategic research and management that go beyond the scope of the average investor. This diversified group of investments makes up the portfolio tracking, which then turns to the analysis of which holdings would have...
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..... array of the professional industries on the rise, along with funds that have proven historical strength with impressive gains in recent months.
ARC Energy Trust
This is an S&P/TSX Composite stock option; one which has seen recent growth within the energy sector. It was chosen to be included within the context of this portfolio for a number of reasons. First, it has lots of detailed historical data, which help provide a clear picture of how the stocks have faired the recession. Moreover, the company itself is growing. It has had a 99% success rate in drilling new oil wells and natural gas reserves in 2009 (ARC Energy Trust 2010). In 2008, the Motney lands in British Colombia was said to have an excess of natural gas. Research shows that