Analysis of Four Poems


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Analysis of Four Poems
“Lady Lazarus” by Plath
This poem draws upon images of concentration camp inmates and their horrific suffering. In addition, the vicious specter of Nazism is also utilized to convey a darker, menacing aspect of this poem. There is a main character that provides the foil on which suffering is reflected. At the same time, there is also a palpable sense that Plath was trying to convey that the fear mechanisms created by the Nazis were reflective in and of themselves of the fear and loathing that the Nazis felt for Jewish people.
A fascinating concept introduced in the poem is the implication that Jewish people actually provided a valuable resource for the Nazis to carry out their need to commit atrocious acts. In...
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.....n and the struggle that African Americans bore and continue to bear mightily and largely in silence. In addition, the poem captured images of African American entertainers, many of whom have brought so much joy into the lives of audiences of millions of Americans. Yet, perhaps some of the performances were simply providing entertainment for the masses while the performers themselves were suffering terribly internally.
The use of African Americans as implied entertainers also
created images of exploitation and a lack of egalitarianism in the social contexts. In other words, society was far more ready to accept “happy” behavior from African Americans than to acknowledge the climate of oppression against them inherent to the American paradigm.