Analysis of CNO Discipline Committee Decision


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Analysis of CNO Discipline Committee Decision
The situation for the CNO Discipline Committee relates to two main issues: misrepresentation as a nurse and borrowing money. These are two of the most serious offenses a nurse can commit and come under professional misconduct. They are totally in opposition to nursing and to the professional standards, especially the therapeutic relationship because they mean there is no respect for client and family and trust is destroyed.
The allegations
The allegations against Peggy Conway involve two areas of professional misconduct. The first was misrepresentation because she presented herself as a nurse when she was not qualified to practice in Ontario as her certificate of registration was...
The end:
.....tions. Bringing personal needs into the situation also is contrary to the therapeutic relationship.
The member went to the extreme in her behavior so that it was professional misconduct. There is a message in the case for all nurses to be very familiar with the CNO standards and guidelines. The basic problem is that there was no clinical judgment which is why the person should never again be in nursing.
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