Analysis of Chopin Polonaise Fantasie, Op. 61 – 1/2


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Analysis of Chopin Polonaise Fantasie, Op. 61 – 1/2
This paper is an analysis of Analysis of Chopin Polonaise Fantasie, Op. 61 - 0.5 by Roberto Poli, a live recording.
1.First Movement
This movement can be described by a number of different adjectives. The first that comes to mind is the adjective quiet. The tempo of the movement and the use of the scale in A flat major is an effector which lends itself to this adjective. In addition, another adjective would be difficult. The effector of building upon the rhythm continually within the scale along with abrupt chord usage helps this adjective to have more feeling within the movement. Finally, another adjective which comes to mind is struggling. This movement uses elements within the A flat...
The end:
..... better suited for larger performances than solo artists.
Being at the performance with fellow students was a “mixed bag.” Some of the students simply took the outing as another opportunity to part unfortunately. In addition, their behavior at times detracted from my focus to enjoy and learn from the experience. At the same time, it was wonderful to have fellow students who are trained in music to listen to a performance alongside. I felt compelled to listen more carefully. In addition, after the performance, our discussions were quite scintillating and our comparative analyses were helpful.
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