Analysis of Asthma According to the PHAC From a Structural Perspective


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Analysis of Asthma According to the PHAC From a Structural Perspective
This paper will critically examine the PHAC perspective of asthma from a structural perspective, arguing that asthma is often a direct product of lower socioeconomic status in the structuralist tradition, where pollution, stress, poverty and unsafe work conditions are all factors (Understanding Health, 2011). In addition, the PHAC is inadequate in addressing the true interrelated environmental sources of asthma, however it does state “risk factors” in structural terms. There is just not a lot of information that supports the PHAC statements. As further support, this paper will also incorporate an outside source to better understand asthma from a structural...
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.....d interventions that won’t help to counteract asthma at its source - often the very environment the person lives in.
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