Analysis in the American Cartoon Comedy Series “Metalocalypse”


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Analysis in the American Cartoon Comedy Series "Metalocalypse"
This essay will examine the American cartoon comedy series, Metalocalypse, which is a simultaneous satire of male and heavy metal culture. It was created by Brendon Small and ran 2006-8, for a total of 48 episodes, on the Adult Swim channel. It emphasizes ferociousness, hedonism, financial excess and stupidity. The main characters are a death metal group named Deth Klok, which is one of the world’s top ten economies, and its members include three Americans, and a Swedish and a Norwegian guitar player. The band is said to be modeled on the Buffalo death metal band Cannibal Corpse. They are all uneducated and alienated from their families and nations. They do not like each other...
The end: father drown in freezing Norwegian winter water, because Toki accidentally dropped him in it.
The extreme gruesomeness of this show seems to be driven by the characters’ failure to ascribe any value to the world, which seems connected to their not having fathers. It also seems to make it more satisfying when Charles does disgraceful things for their benefit. He is their absent father figure, the only one who does not act tough and yet in many ways the toughest of the lot. The creators of Metalocalypse are perhaps commingling the effects of child neglect and the way it impacts on a male’s world view as he grows up.
Small, Brendan. Metalocalypse. New York: Adult Swim, 2008.