Analysis in Managing the Older Worker: Billy Goat or Old Goat


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The following discussion provides a critical reaction and analysis to the case study: Managing the Older Worker: Billy Goat or Old Goat? Findings of the discussion indicate that Salt Lake City worker Anselmo Bryan, who is an older worker with a habit of touching other employees (including women) on the shoulder and other places, has a generational deficit in understanding the nature and seriousness of sexual harassment. Given the fact that he was reprimanded, provided with sexual harassment training, and given ample time to correct his behaviors, his termination from Salt Lake City Recreational Services Department following another incident of sexual harassment can be fully justified. Nevertheless, if Anselm was to be placed in...
The end:
..... if his hearing is still impeded, be sure to ask the other person to speak a little louder. Do not move, in other words, within the other individual’s personal space.
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