Analysis in Dora’s New Orientation


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17 March 2011
Analysis in Dora’s New Orientation
Restatement of facts
Dora, Inc..has had a protected market for over forty years, and sold everything that they produced. As a consequence, no sales skills were needed except for order-taking. Despite the evidence of greater demand, Dora was slow to increase capacity. Five years ago, however, a competitor appeared and continued to grow, so that during the past year it had taken about a fifth of Dora’s historical sales. In reviewing the situation, Dora’s sales team believes that the problem lies with the manufacturing side, and that it should create products that will...
The end:
.....omer wants. Dora must create a marketing team to learn who its customers are and what they want. Then, production and marketing must develop products that profitably satisfy this desire, while sales must use the knowledge gained from learning about their customers to drive sales by fulfilling need.
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