Analysis: CAE Inc. and Hyundai Group


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The beginning:
Analysis: CAE Inc. and Hyundai Group
Introduction to case report #1
This section looks at CAE Inc. and argues that the firm should focus upon being primarily a single-product, single-technology, firm; diversification should only be pursued in areas where the company has a strong competence or some sort of competitive advantage. The ensuing few pages shall highlight why this position makes the most sense – and why it is frivolous for the company to repeat past errors vis-à-vis diversification.
Strategic thinking and analysis table: comparing competitive advantage to diversification (a look at CAE’s problems)
Diversification is a basic theory commonly found in business circles and often discussed at business seminars. There is a general...
The end:
.....oup must realize that, absent an inspired leader, it has to change its approach to management – which means that decentralized, free-flowing, evolutionary and agile management must be the new approach if it wants to remain a viable conglomerate.
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