Analysis and Recommendations for Lexmark, International, Inc.


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The beginning:
TO: Board of Directors
SUBJECT: Analysis and Recommendations for Lexmark, International, Inc.
Enclosed is the requested analysis and recommendations for Lexmark, International, Inc. to meet challenges and to design an effective organizational architecture to support corporate strategy in changing environments. Attention to changes that have affected the internal and external environment will be addressed. Consideration will be given to the appropriateness of the strategic course Lexmark has set forth. Through integrated analysis, Porter’s five forces will be used in the analysis and conclusion. Tetra threats to sustainability will be identified as part of the integrated analysis. Strategic analysis of the industry will determine...
The end:
.....rk will thrive by optimizing current organizational structures while capitalizing on consumer needs. Based on the analysis, specific changes to the existing organizational architecture of Lexmark would include attention to training. Training is necessary during change and Lexmark has recently endured major external and internal changes. Staff is now working with higher level of responsibility and less hierarchy of control. Staff training will ensure that marketing, processes and procedures, and team cohesion is optimal. Lexmark may create a sustainable organization that will succeed in a competitive environment.
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