Anahit Noravian’s Statement of Purpose (USC)


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Anahit Noravian's Statement of Purpose (USC)
My story actually begins with the journey of my parents, who were Armenians who were living in Iran. Their struggle to make it to the U.S. gave me the chance to give something back to society. Yet, my initial working experiences were not all that scintillating. I was unhappy earlier in my life working as a paralegal in the law firm my brother owned. Another equally unsatisfying position I had was that of a Production Assistant in the entertainment industry. Although these jobs were interesting at times, I felt that if I spent the rest of my life engaged as such that I would never truly give anything significant back to society.
I made a decision that returning to the academic environment would...
The end:
.....rk, I believe that an MSW from USC is the only way for me to acquire the skills and knowledge I need to work with people who require my help. Additionally, I recognize the indispensability of a career in this field. I have gained a lot of experience in life, but I need more formal training in the fundamental theories of social work. With an MSW degree and a definitive research project I could work for a government agency, non-profit organization, or a corporation in an outreach capacity. I am confident that with the combination of my professional experience, theoretical understanding of the field, and practical training that I will stand out as a top graduate from the MSW program. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the program.