An Unsuccessful Advertisement


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The beginning:
An Unsuccessful Advertisement
The following paper looks at an advertisement from a newspaper or magazine and formulates an argument about the ways in which such an advertisement is either successful or not successful in making its case. Reviewing the matter, I am firmly of the view that one of the advertisements – a picture depicting an attractive young woman with her mouth open, apparently in a state of delight – does not quite convey the sort of impression that Colgate would normally want to convey. Specifically, as we shall see, there is something unserious about her demeanour that undercuts everything: she comes across as somewhat of an immature teenager when, in truth, dental hygiene is one of those things that is very important to...
The end:
..... is one that is rather weak because of the positioning of the female model, because of the odd border, and because of the strange caption. The message is there, but the message is confused by the strange things that we find getting in its way. Overall, the work is one of those advertisements that appears eager to get across a certain message about the value of using
over the lack of wisdom revealed when one uses any other brand. Unfortunately, the work is compromised by a poor appreciation for what the consumer sees when he or she looks at the product and recognizes that the border is black – the antithesis of white – and the model’s teeth are mostly hidden from view. Throw in an odd caption and you have a strange situation, indeed.