An Interview with a Nursing Director in a Long-Term Care Facility


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An Interview with a Nursing Director in a Long-Term Care Facility
Long-Term care nursing is a growing field due to the aging of the overall population and the need for nurse practitioners, nurse leaders, and nurse administrators who have experience in dealing with the unique environment of a long-term care facility. This paper interviews Susan Kincaid, a successful Director of Nursing in a long-term care facility.
Could you speak a bit about your background and the role you have today? Sure, I went to college to receive my BA in Nursing and went on for my Master’s in Nursing one year after that. During my clinical rotations at a county hospital, I realized that nursing was my calling. I didn’t really know right away that it would be for...
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.....for nurses to learn and grow. My mentor taught me this and I try to pass it on to my nurses.
What advice would you give someone who is aspiring to a leadership position? To mentor, to study hard, to not gossip, to be the change (to quote Gandhi). It’s a very different job and you have to be ready for the managing people part. It’s a new situation every day, a new problem to tackle. That’s the fun part. But it’s very different than bedside care. Especially in long-term care, you have to be part nurse, part businessperson and part politician. There’s great potential in this field and lots of work and need. I would say go for it!
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