An Individual’s Human Development


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An Individual’s Human Development
Gayle, a life-long friend of the family, is a 62 year old married woman of Caucasian/European descent who lives in a rural area of New England. She was born the second of two children in an upper middle class family in New Jersey. Though Gayle remembers her father endearingly, she never felt significantly emotionally close to him and grew up feeling inferior to her older sister. She was first married at age 20 and experienced a tumultuous relationship, including occasional separations, with her husband for nearly 13 years before they divorced. Nearly a year after getting married, Gayle’s father died unexpectedly of a heart attack, even though in college he had been a runner at Harvard. This happened just a...
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.....d to think that her sense of perseverance in the face of adversity is an example not of nature vs. nurture, but of nature plus nurture. Her mother was a very strong-willed person and so is she. Although they had very different kinds of personalities with varying interests and ways of expressing themselves, they shared an underlying sense of tenacity and commitment to getting what they want and achieving what they wanted to achieve. Perhaps this can also partially explain why Gayle is now happier than ever, and has created a life that she feels is truly meaningful in personal and social contexts.
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