An Impoverished World of Limited Choices


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The beginning:
An Impoverished World of Limited Choices
A comparison and contrast of “from Persepolis” and “The arrival”
This paper compares the setting of two short stories depicted in frame form: Marjane Satrapi’s “From Persepolis” and Shaun Tan’s “The arrival.” These two stories have been selected because they reveal a great deal about how people are shaped, sometimes for ill, by the culture in which they find themselves. However, while the settings of the two stories are largely comparable, they are not entirely similar; the subtle distinctions reveal to us that a cultural context can be oppressive without anyone necessarily overlooking one’s actions at every turn. In any case, as mentioned, the item which will be looked at in this paper is the...
The end:
..... one deals with notable absences. However, the settings are not completely the same: the oppression in the second story by Tan is more oblique and subtle; as well, his story features a father departing his family whereas the Satrapi setting does not feature a father at all. In the end, both stories, however, are all about impoverished worlds that offer few choices.
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