An Examination of the Halliburton Overseas Bribery Scandal


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The beginning:
An Examination of the Halliburton Overseas Bribery Scandal
As no stranger to controversy, in recent news, US-based oilfield services corporation, Halliburton, has found itself embroiled in an overseas bribery scandal purportedly involving some $182 million paid to top Nigerian officials (U.S. Targets Overseas Bribery, 2009). While various parties involved in the scandal continue to show reluctance in cooperating with investigators, experts close to the scene warn that corruption of this kind is a ubiquitous and serious international problem with a long and dubious history. It follows that the current study provides a comprehensive investigation of the Halliburton bribery scandal. 
The Purpose and Logical Framework of the Current Study
The end:
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