An Essay on Issues Related to Women and Development in My Toronto Hometown


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An Essay on Issues Related to Women and 
Development in My Toronto Hometown
Sara Torres has defined development as the process of achieving full realization of a country's population in education and health, without economic poverty. Her work on development addresses the fact that for feminist analysis is required in a discussion of development in regard to the context of a woman’s surrounding environment, akin to Bell Hooks’ notion that a “homeplace” (41) is where we turn for renewal from the resistance that is often seen outside the safe environment that we call home. “The warmth and comfort of shelter . . . the nurturing of our souls” (41). This paper will examine the social location of my own Toronto neighborhood before...
The end:
.....opment or advancement mean is promoted. If every Toronto neighborhood did this, Canada could set an example for the world in development. And I believe this is how you change the world one step at a time. 
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