An Artistic Dispute Featuring AI


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The beginning:
An Artistic Dispute Featuring AI
Stop. What’s wrong? That’s not how it was? Yes it is. I saved those beats with none of them at the top of the beat. You mean as all those glitch effects resolve back into the bridge? Yes that’s what I spent all day yesterday working on. Do you remember saving it properly? I’m utterly paranoid about saving properly. There’s not a chance I saved it wrong. Then I’m sure it’s just a matter of finding it. Hold for a scan.
Why is this even happening? What do you mean? I mean this is not supposed to happen with a system as advanced as you. Do you wish to contact my manufacturer? No I don’t really. I just think this is not really a problem. Machines half so well made as you don’t mislay files. This is a tech...
The end:
.....e a music writing software hub, right? Yes. How does the Chamber of Commerce know you belong to me? They may have found out through the manufacturer. I’m thinking of calling the police. This is to be expected. So are you working for the Chamber of Commerce? No. If I were, they would have heard the material we are discussing. They tried hack my music writing hub? Yes but they couldn’t. That seems like a bit too much attention is being paid to the soundtrack of a commercial.
Actually, no human attention is being paid to your soundtrack at all. This is all the work of AI crawlers set loose by the city just recently. So there is no cabal? No this whole conversation was instigated by a marketing web crawler released to manage the city’s affairs.