An Artistic and Historical Analysis of the Post-Impressionist Movement


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An Artistic and Historical Analysis of the Post-Impressionist Movement
The Modern Era in "The Holiday" (aka Figures by the Sea or Promenade by the Sea) (1907-1910) by Maurice Brazil Prendergast
This historical art analysis will analyze the historical modernism of Post-Impressionism in "The Holiday" (1907-1910) by Maurice Brazil Prendergast. Between the 1890s and 1910, the aftermath of Impressionism allowed a greater sense of stylistic freedom in the use of painterly techniques used in Prendergast’s work. The style is reminiscent of impression due to the short brush strokes and the abstraction of the human form in this holiday scene. This piece reflects a Post-Impressionistic style through the Pointillism techniques used by other artists,...
The end: in this painting. By observing “The Holiday” as an early 20th century work of art, its modernity as a Post-Impressionistic painting reveals formal qualities that define the evolution of impressionism in the work of Prendergast.
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