An Argument for the Validity of Affirmative Action as a Human Right


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An Argument for the Validity of Affirmative Action as a Human Right
The focus of this study will be to argue for Affirmative Action being a valid human rights issue under the law, but more importantly as a natural right for African Americans in American society. By understanding natural rights, and the collective responsibility of Affirmative Action in society, the necessity of the majority of white people should help to protect black persons as if they were human beings in a collective whole. However, detractors often argue against this by using consensus and natural law as a valid argument for a ‘negative duty” against African Americans in this system of civil rights. In essence, this study will argue for the natural rights and the...
The end:
.....f all citizens needed to be reinforced due to targeted and race specific discrimination and bigotry that African Americans had to endure as a result of being a minority in a white hegemonic society. This is how any why anti-Affirmative Action proponents often make their case about natural right, yet the rationality of this law is within the guidelines of being a basic human rights issues within the context of American history and societal structures.
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