An Argument Against Marijuana Legalization


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English 101
12 October 2010
An Argument Against Marijuana Legalization
Marijuana is clearly a mind altering substance and numerous critics believe that California will incur a host of problems if Proposition 19 passes. Jack Herer stated in his book The Emperor Wears No Clothes that in 1996, "California passed the statewide Medical Marijuana Initiative" (Herer 129). This law, Proposition 215, became known as the “Compassionate Use Act” and was the precursor to Proposition 19. Since Proposition 215, the medical marijuana club explosion has turned some urban areas of California into mini “weed capitals.” This unchecked growth has been the subject of numerous city council meetings...
The end:
.....d law enforcement, marijuana addiction programs, and the millions of dollars of potentially lost revenue to existing marijuana growers are compelling enough arguments to ensure that Proposition 19 will not pass.
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