An Annotated Bibliography and a 200-Word Proposal


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An Annotated Bibliography and a 200-Word Proposal
The proposal
We know that young people today tend to ingest far more in the way of sugar than they should; this is indisputable. What we have not yet figured out, alas, is how to cut back on this ingestion; this is a major question worth addressing because Canada is already an aging population and cannot afford to also be an unhealthy one. The paper that will flow out of this research proposal examines what can be done to reduce the intake of sugary soft drinks amongst North American (and, particularly, Canadian) youth. The paper explores the debilitating effects of high sugar intake via these soft drinks and pays a great deal of attention to the health implications over the long-term....
The end:
.....y Pharmacology & Therapeutics, 31.6(2010): 607-614.
The study above looks at the negative consequences of high carbonated beverage intake. The study explores the relationship between oesophageal pH, oesophageal motility, GERD Symptoms and complications and oesophageal damage. The systematic study concludes that GERD complications and oesophageal cancer do not arise from carbonated drink intake, and does make it clear that gastro-oesophageal reflux disease is not linked to carbonated beverage intake. This is a rather counter-intuitive finding but it does reveal that there is uncertainty in the literature as to what damage such drinks do impose upon consumers outside of elevating obesity and diabetes risk.Academic Journal
Academic Journal