An Analysis on Sweet Bird of Youth


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An Analysis on Sweet Bird of Youth 
Can a person regain time? Can a person go back home and expect that everything will be normal? These questions are the focus of the book, Sweet Bird of Youth, by Tennessee Williams. Williams was a writer who wrote about the history and present conditions of his life. “Nearly every play Williams wrote reflected traditional topics which were extolled or satirized in Southern writing” (King 627). Williams understood that time was a destroyer and that life cannot be changed back to the way things were before. The focus of Sweet Bird of Youth shows that time is a destroyer and makes it impossible for people to go back to situations that was once their youth. 
Time is a destroyer can be seen in one of the main...
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..... Williams and Kazan entered the fray of civil rights with the best weapons they possessed-honesty, objectivity, and a deep passion for social justice. 
, like the blacks with whom he is visually and thematically united, conquers the cruelty of a fictional white bigoted world that was all too much like the one outside the theaters when Baby Doll bravely premiered in late 1956. 
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