An Analysis of Toy Cap Guns


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The beginning:
An Analysis of Toy Cap Guns
As a child, summer days were filled with different fights between the neighborhood boys playing cowboys and Indians with toy cap guns. What was exciting about the toy cap guns was the loud bang that almost sounded like a gun shot. Boys were taught that it was masculine and expected for boys to play with guns whether it was playing cowboys and Indians or playing war. Different toys are played with by boys because the male masculine gender is aggressive. Boys are more aggressive, dominant and competitive as represented by the male stereotype of aggressiveness, dominance, and competitiveness.
Boys choose to play with different types of guns because they enjoy being aggressive and competitive as seen by the male...
The end:
.....characteristics of the male stereotype. The problem with guns is the fact that boys should not be made to be aggressive, because boys can become too aggressive or dominant that can lead to problems on the job or even when they marry. Guns are a part of the male stereotype behavior of aggressiveness and dominance that parents and others have taught their children.
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