An Analysis of the Social Importance of the London Coffeehouse


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An Analysis of the Social Importance of the London Coffeehouse
International Cultural Center in 17th Century England
This historical study will analyze the importance of the 17th century coffeehouse of London as the cultural meeting place in the 17th century. One might ask: Why would the coffee house be an important cultural center of such a large city? Due to the Turkish influence of the coffeehouse as an exotic escape for many Londoners, coffee offered a refuge from the harshness of daily urban life. The international appeal of the coffeehouse made it attractive to eccentric persons to share multi-cultural ideas in a city that traded throughout the world. These aspects of the coffeehouse as a cultural meeting place in London will be...
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.....f London’s first coffeehouse was paramount to its success. With the coffeehouse as a place in which person’s enjoying international diversity, it become a cultural hub in which eccentric and diverse peoples could meet over a cup of coffee. Also, the spread of the coffeehouse phenomenon lead to even greater cultural meeting places in which the Turkish tradition of serving coffee in social settings helped to define a powerful trend in London culture during the 17th
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