An Analysis of the Renewable Energies for the Future of Nevada


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An Analysis of the Renewable Energies for the Future of Nevada
This study will analyze the important renewable energy policies that are currently part of expanding Nevada’s economy away from traditional gambling and tourist policies. The building of wind turbines, solar panels, and the creation of more transmission lines will provides more jobs and a sustainable option to the state’s economy. By knowing the economic benefits of these projects, Nevada has a viable geographic location in which these types of renewable energies can be created for jobs and construction expenditures. In essence, the use of renewable energy is another possible way in which Nevada can grow and prosper in the future.
The use of renewable energies has been a very...
The end:
.....come new transmission lines, which provides another economic way in which jobs and energy can be combined for the state’s residents. By understanding these diverse ways in which renewable energies can be used and maintained, the future of Nevada clearly rests in creating another economic sector that can maximize its economic potential in the burgeoning age of natural energy accrual.
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