An Analysis of the Lack of Privacy in Advertising on Facebook


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An Analysis of the Lack of Privacy in Advertising on Facebook
This study will analyze the problem of litigation brought forth against Facebook for revealing the private identity of its members to corporate advertising clients. The problem of privacy has been questioned due to the “like” button that a Facebook member can press if that person likes a product advertised. In one lawsuit, a mother is suing Mark Zuckerberg after her child hit a “like” button and the child’s name showed alongside that product for “friends” to see. Advertising issues like these can be easily avoided by eliminating the “like” button due to the exploitation of Facebook users via advertiser profiteering by Facebook Incorporated.
The problem of privacy on Facebook in...
The end:
.....ckerberg in relation to advertising exploitation of members. By observing the exploitation of members, Facebook should dismantle the “like” button policy related to corporate advertisers to help rebuild its image as a protector of privacy. With so many lawsuits defaming the company in the exploitation of members under the age of 18, this could be a positive solution to resolving this issue.
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