An Analysis of the Historical Content and Value of “Belle Teal” by Ann Martin


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An Analysis of the Historical Content and Value of "Belle Teal" by Ann Martin
Introduction and Overview
Belle Teal by Ann Martin is a book aimed at young adults but it is one that can be enjoyed by and is relevant to people of all ages with its universal themes of fear, courage and nonviolence. Belle Teal provides a wealth of information about life in the United States in the year 1962, soon after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that schools must be desegregated and “separate but equal” was ruled unconstitutional. These events, and the events in the book, took place only a few years before the civil rights era took hold in the mid to late 1960’snd Dr. Martin Luther King and other black leaders created real change in American society for equal...
The end:
.....hate” when Belle asks her if it’s okay to hate people who hate other people because of their race (Martin, 2001, p. 17). It is wise words, and something we still struggle with as a society in 2011, where the whole issue of desegregation is being given a new look, with the effects of Brown v. Board of Education not having the intended positive effects in a larger social context (
& Eaton, 1997, p. 21).
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