An Analysis of the “Harsh and Splendid Heroines” of Martha Graham


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An Analysis of the “Harsh and Splendid Heroines” of Martha Graham
This article is a discussion by Marcia B. Siegel of legendary dancer Martha Graham (who was alive when it was originally published in 1975, but has since died). It explains why Graham, in a world filled with dancers and wannabe dancers, is so extraordinary.
Siegel’s analysis of why Graham is such a legend in the dance world is filled with contradictions. She describes Graham as seeming to “start with the world’s messages,” yet is able to do so in personal terms, and with only a small troupe of dancers (Siegel 307) In other words, she is able to fulfill huge ambitious with only small amounts of material, someone directly from the “less is more” school.
In reviewing Graham’s...
The end:
..... but in the intellectual area of creating dauntingly original choreography.
Siegel profiled Graham at an interesting time. She had stopped dancing a decade or so before this article was published, but she was still going strong in her 80s. That so much time had elapsed since she began her career, Siegel noted that there was beginning to be an interest in the revival of Graham’s work. The article concludes with Graham acknowledging that dance passes down to the generations. Nearly 40 years after this article was published and nearly 20 years after her death, Graham still survives. Her art continues springing along.
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