An Analysis of the Constitutional Nature of Equal Rights in America


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An Analysis of the Constitutional Nature of Equal Rights in America
And the Push for Women’s Rights in the 19th Century
The primary nature of the push for women’s rights in America is founded on the tradition of equality that stems from the Founding Fathers desire for a more open and diverse society. Woman, such as Margaret Fuller and Elizabeth Cody Stanton, were major figures in defining a break with European patriarchal systems in the fight for education and the integration of women into society. This is how the nature of equality in American society allowed greater advances for women, which resulted in a much freer societal debate on the rights women without European constraints. With the Bill of Rights and the Constitution arguing for...
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.....hing that would have not been tolerated in Europe. By understanding the foundation of equality that was intended in the balance of power through freedom of religion, it is apparent that religious authorities that claimed dominance over women were not allowed to control open meetings, conventions, and public speaking measures on this issue. Without this tradition laid down by the Founding Fathers, it would have seemed unnatural for equality in the suppositions brought forth by women like Isabella defining the hypocrisy of religion as a premise for female submission under theologically derived laws.
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