An Analysis of the Book, “Jacques Cousteau: The Sea King” by Brad Matsen


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An Analysis of the Book "Jacques Cousteau: The Sea King" by Brad Matsen
Jacques Cousteau is best known for his many books, films and lectures on sea life and the world that lies below the surface of the earth which is the ocean. In the 1970’s Jacques Cousteau had a very large following for exposing many facts about marine life and the ocean that were not known prior to this time. For this reason, he is considered a pioneer in bringing a greater awareness to the life in the ocean, pollution that occurs in the ocean, and what human beings can do in order to be more responsible to the ocean, as well as the harm humans can cause to the ocean. This paper will describe a biography about Jacques Cousteau called Jacques Cousteau: The...
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.....and it can appeal to many different types of people.
It is clear that Jacques Cousteau left a legendary mark in the history of scuba diving, with his invention of the Aqua Lung, and with his ability to bring in new awareness about sea life, the ocean and the ways that human beings can either damage the ocean or can preserve the ocean. For these reasons, Jacques Cousteau is a very important figure in the history of the environmental movement, as well as the history of scuba diving and recreation on the sea. Brad Matsen’s book captures the spirit of Jacques Cousteau and what drove him to make a very successful career around his interest in the ocean.
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