An Analysis of Perseus as Hero in “Clash of the Titans (2010)”


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An Analysis of Perseus as Hero in "Clash of the Titans (2010)"
The aim of this study will be to examine the hero archetype in the character of Perseus in the new adaption of the film Clash of the Titans (2010). For Perseus, the important aspects of his character as a demigod and as a warrior make him vital to the overarching battle between Gods and humankind. When Perseus destroys Medusa and his other enemies, it is apparent that Perseus is the protector of humankind in this type of mythic battle to defy the Gods. By observing these aspects of the often-mysterious powers of the hero archetype, Perseus is currently represented in this way via the Greek hero story as told in Clash of the Titans.
The mysterious origins of Perseus (Sam...
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.....lts in him being defined as a champion of the human race. Since he defies the gods and loves his human father, Spyros, Perseus successfully presents a superhuman warrior with heroic abilities that make him a hero archetype as found in the classical tradition of Greek mythology. This new film on the story of Perseus brings with it many heroic examples that have been analyzed in this study of the struggle between Greek Gods and the human race.
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