An Analysis of How to Become a K-9 Police Officer


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The beginning:
An Analysis of How to Become a K-9 Police Officer
This analysis will break down the various steps needed to become a K-9 police officer. By learning criminal justice at a local college, the student and then join a local police academy to apply the principles of law to law enforcement. By then making applications to local police departments and by completing the testing available for further training (and gaining entrance), the future K-9 police officer can soon gain practical experience in the field. After gaining this experience, apply to the K-9 Unit in the department and, if accepted, learn to train with your new canine partner as a crime fighting team in the field of law enforcement.
How to Become a K-9 Police Officer
The end:
.....his way, the officer must not only be responsible for his or her own conduct in a dangerous field, they must also be responsible for the canine’s own life. This is often a reciprocal relationship that can bring many years of friendship and servitude between man and dog in the quest to protect civilians from criminal elements in society.
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