An Analysis of Hinson’s Thesis Regarding Spiritual Friendship


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An Analysis of Hinson’s Thesis Regarding Spiritual Friendship
E. Glenn Hinson’s book, Spiritual preparation for Christian leadership presents the concept of spiritual friendship as a basis for spiritual preparation for leadership. This spiritual friendship is a guidebook for church leaders who wish to develop their spiritual lives more deeply in conjunction with their leadership roles as Christians. To Hinson, spiritual friendship is one of the various methods of sustenance for enhancing spiritual practice and the concept of spiritual friendship entails sharing your spiritual journey with others. Hinson introduces his thesis of spiritual friendship as coming from a twelfth-century Cistercian named Aelrud of Rievaulx (Hinson,...
The end:
.....lso be incorporated into a person’s spiritual journey. As Hinson states, there are different interpretations on exactly what this means and everyone will have a different idea of how to practice spiritual friendship.
Spiritual friendship is an effective way for a Christian to deepen his relationship with God and with other people who are on a similar path in loving God in Christian practice. I am confident that spiritual friendship will continue to be an effective way for me to develop myself as a Christian leader.
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