An Analysis of Healthcare Informatics


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An Analysis of Healthcare Informatics
This paper will seek to explore issues involving the evolution of informatics, the roles and responsibilities of one members of the health care team in regard to their interactions with informatics.
Evolution of Health Care Informatics
The evolution from clinical health care and nursing technology known first as nursing “information systems” to the scholarly and clinical discipline and practice now known as nursing informatics has brought with it myriad changes, management issues and inter-departmental challenges and opportunities that have changed the scope of nursing and role of nurses and nurse managers on many levels. These represent the driving forces and restraining forces that informatics has...
The end:
.....patient quality care. With that, however, is an increased requirement for error-free inputs, security redundancies, accountability, ethical rigor, confidentiality and streamlined communication processes. Accomplishing these goals will lead to more seamless informatics integrations.
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